Chronic Town

The World’s Premiere R.E.M. Tribute Band



It crawled from the South. A band that bucked the trends of its time to bring a new guitar rock sound to a generation. To the kids who were listening for it, searching for an alternative, it was a coded message to secretly decipher through endless listens. The 5 song Chronic Town e.p. landed in 1982.

Years of touring and 6 records later, they were elevated to world-wide rock stars, and continued to sell millions of records for another 20 years. Over the years, R.E.M. launched 14 songs into the Top 10 of the rock charts.

Chronic Town brings you a stage show that captures the look, sound & intensity of R.E.M. itself, live in concert. Chronic Town is a faithful tribute to all 31 years of R.E.M.’s catalog and it has built them a respectable following everywhere they’ve taken the stage. If you wish you had been able to see R.E.M. in a small club setting, or want to live it again, Chronic Town delivers an experience not unlike the real animal.

A fascinating exhibit where visitors initiate predator-prey interaction exactly as it happens in the wild.

R.E.M. spent 10 years dominating the indie rock scene before a 15-year run of popular singles in the Top 40 charts. From the garage rock of Radio Free Europe and It’s the End of the World as We Know It to the pure driving pop of The One I Love, Losing My Religion, Man on the Moon & Imitation of Life, Chronic Town accurately reproduce the entire length of R.E.M.’s 31-year career of innovative rock and pop music.


".. a rigidly faithful R.E.M. tribute band...Distiple goes so get the feeling of being at the 40 Watt bar in Athens, GA."
San Francisco Chronicle

“…last night I was at the Makeout Room in the Mission District of San Francisco watching an REM tribute band called Chronic Town absolutely TEAR IT UP and suddenly I was 17 again and seeing REM at the Mosque in Richmond Virginia… REM will always remind me of a certain time when I was growing up and figuring out how to be an adult and the world was full of promise and things didn’t seem as shitty all the time. And last night, Chronic Town kind of took me back to that age. It was pretty great.” — 40 going on 28

"What a gift to hear my favorite music live again! Great show… looking forward to seeing you in the future."
— Christine K. via Facebook


Bill Barely — Drums, vocals
What The Buck? — Guitars, mandolin, vocals
Mike Stand — Bass
Michael Distiple — Vocals

For club booking, corporate events, weddings or additional information, please contact Michael via the band at . You will also find us commenting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter, shaking through on YouTube & vaguely staring at something on Google+..

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